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Fiance of Brother who is in wedding party?

I am attending my fiances brothers wedding next weekend. My fiance is in the wedding party, so I’m really not sure where I am going to sit. I dont know anyone at the wedding other than my fiance and his family. I would be fine sitting with his family – but would they put me at the family table since I am not YET married to my fiance? I really could just ask her but I realize she doesnt need guests complaining about seating arrangements. I dont mind sitting by myself for the ceremony, but for the reception I’m kind of hoping I’m not at a random table with a bunch of people I dont know? What is usually the protocol here? Thanks.

By Sharon · Asked 77 days 13 hours 13 mins ago

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what to remember while planning a wedding?

Hey all, I am too cheap(need to save every bit for more important things) to go buy a wedding planning book but I am also terribly disorganized. I figure why buy a book when I can just throw everything in a binder for free. So my question is, what are the topics and sections that I should include in my binder while planning? I know the basics and figure I could always just stop by a bookstore and write down the sections they include, but I wanted to see what ideas I could get beforehand. Oh! and if anyone has any good sites for planning, that would be great as well. Like I said, I’m terribly disorganized and anything that can help me keep relatively organized would be fantastic. Weddrev, while I thank you for taking the 2.5 seconds to write your comment, it was rather rude and did not help at all. Clearly, I am trying to make myself organized in this planning process. Maybe you should keep your comments to yourself if they are not aimed at helping.

By Sharon · Asked 78 days 13 hours 16 mins ago

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Divorced Parents @ wedding. What would you do?

Where do you sit parents who are divorced but do not care to sit together? I would LIKE for us both to sit together with our parents at the rehearsal dinner. I just think it is nice. We are lucky to have both our parents. My parents are divorced too, but fortunately get along fine. Also, where do we sit parents at church? Is it fair that one parent has to sit in the second row at their own son’s wedding? well unfortately both set of granparents are gone. I even suggested that it be her, an aunt & uncle then Him, oh did i mention he has a new wife which makes it more uncomfy. :/

By Sharon · Asked 79 days 13 hours 16 mins ago

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Wedding reception question – layout ??

Here’s some pictures of my location – (before and after they painted it green – it’s all the same place though)

My main question is – what size/shape tables should I have and how should I place them? Where should the head table go ? On the stage or right below the stage? Where should the DJ go? Off to the side or on the stage or below the stage? Where should the bar go? By the kitchen? And the cake and gift tables?

Haha sorry.

It will need to fit 100-150 people.. I know I know that’s alot.. It’s a big Mexican family and it will be pretty informal- they won’t RSVP . they’ll bring extra guests .. and I’m not even going to bother with a seating chart. I just need enough tables to fit close to that number and hopefully there will be enough ..

Also – if you have any other inspirations that strike you when you see my location – let me know ! I could use some fresh perspectives.. I know the ceiling rafters is gorgeous – I’d like to do something with balloos or lighted tulle

It doesn’t fit much!! It comes with the chairs and the long tables shown in the pictures.. Should I keep those tables or rent circles?? Oh I’d also like to do something outside but don’t know what – I love that space though . .any ideas ??? THANKS !! =)

By Sharon · Asked 85 days 13 hours 8 mins ago

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I dont know what to do with my to be monter in law. Has anyone seen Monster in Law with Jennifer Lopez?

Yup my life only shes not THAT bad. She is taking control over everything. Im a virgo and I know Im a perfectionist and like to be in control…she is a virgo too. The last two requests from her have made me want to loose it. She wants to arrange a “sleeping chart” like whos sleeping in which room the night before the wedding, btw its free the girls are staying at the family beach house. Last night she asked me if she can do the seating chart for the reception. And she ALWAYS asks when my fiance is out of the room. Im trying so hard not include everyone, both moms, but shes pushing my mom out of the light. My mom has acutally commented that shes staying back and lets her take the reins cause my mom just isnt confrontational. My fiance has addressed this too but than the guilt trip happens…”oh ill just stay out of it and wont bug you and if you have something you can come to me im so sorry” than after 2 weeks its like nothing happened and same cycle. I am a month from the wedding and i just need advice on how to handle her. shes got 2 girls that have yet to be married and all i have is my mom and my sister is already married so all she has left is me to marry off. i dont want to be rude his parents are paying for part of the wedding along with my mom. but i just am at a loss here….HELP!!!

By Sharon · Asked 88 days 13 hours 17 mins ago

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How should I respond to being stiffed at a wedding?

My roommate/best friend’s very good friend recently had a wedding this weekend. I have interacted with her over the year, as I have slowly been integrated into that group of friends. Although we are not friends, we are good acquaintances and are friendly with each other.

The issue arose when I was not invited to the actual wedding but only to the reception (which is weird because it’s usually the other way around), also, my partner of 1.5 years was not invited, although he has also been involved in the group. I also never got the physical invitation, which I thought was rude because everyone else was either mailed or given theirs.

In the end I was invited to the wedding, and I sucked it up and went even though I felt disrespected. The ceremony was nice, but it turns out that I was not placed on the seating chart for the dinner. I was very embarassed as the person seating people was another person in this group of friends. All of my friends were seated at one table and I was expected to sit at another. so I took my roommate aside and told him that I was going to leave because of all the things that have happened. He tried to get me to sit at his table, but there wasn’t a spot. He wasn’t happy with me leaving, but fully understood.

Since then, nothing has been said, however, i feel like the issue has not been addressed and I don’t know how to respond. This weekend, my roommate is having his birthday party at my partners’ apartment (my partner lives with my roommates friend who is also my friend as well, who also attended the wedding) and my partner is questioning why he is hosting a party to thisREAD MORE

By Sharon · Asked 94 days 13 hours 16 mins ago

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Would you make a seating chart for a reception held in a house/mansion with multiple rooms?

Let’s say your reception is in a rented historic house. The tables will be set up in three close, connecting rooms — but they are separate rooms.

My original thought was that it would be best to NOT have a seating chart. You could even put different food stations and drink stations in each room to encourage mingling. People could go in room #1, get some food there, sit down and eat, get up and wander over to room #2 to get a drink, then sit down there if they want…

I thought designing a seating chart in this situation would be pretty difficult, because it essentially would keep guests separated from each other. Plus, everyone who’s not in the room with the bride/groom would be mad. Hence the no-seating-chart arrangement.

But then I remembered that people like to feel like they have a “home base” (i.e. a table of their own) where they can leave their purses and other items.

So if you were a guest going to this sort of reception, what would you prefer?

Also, I understand that some people are going to tell me not to have a reception like this at all if everyone can’t be in the same room. But this is basically the same as having the reception at your house, if you have a home big enough for the reception. I believe there is a way to make it work. FYI there is a separate place for dancing.

Toasts may be another problem with this set up, but frankly I don’t care about toasts in the first place. But any suggestions would be cool. Maybe I should have been more clear on the food. A full meal will be provided, but it will be buffet, not a sit-down, served meal. There will either be one buffet or differentREAD MORE

By Sharon · Asked 184 days 4 hours 4 mins ago

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wedding seating help!!!!?

so here is the thing… we are having 125 guests for our wedding. there is no dinner, instead we opted for: starters including- fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers cheese, and artichoke dip stations. then passed hours devours including: procutio wrapped asparagus, mini quiche, scallops…etc…for our cocktail hour

then instead of dinner we are doing a tapas kind of thing with: beef and chicken taco bar(no rice or beans) chips, salsa, and guacamole and beef and cheese empanadas.

then later we have our cake and dessert and then a late night snack before everyone leaves including: mac and cheese martini bar sandwich wraps and jalapeno poppers… the problem I am having is seating! it is not a formal dinner, so I don’t know if i should have a seating chart, or even tables decorated… I really want to have tables so i can have these awsome centerpieces I picked out from the florist. also my family fights so a seating chart will keep them separated…ideas would be much appreciated.

By Sharon · Asked 200 days 13 hours 14 mins ago

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Is it okay to not have a wedding?

My parents are super religous and my older perfect sister had the traditional wedding with the big white dress, but i just dont want to go all out with it. I was thinking more of going to the court house and then a BBQ with a white sun dress, just like an after party with a wedding cake and everything. only thing is would that be weird, and what would i say for the toast? “I know this may not be like most tipical weddings but we still thank you for coming?”

By Sharon · Asked 204 days 13 hours 17 mins ago

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What is your opinion on seating charts at weddings?

What is your opinion on seating charts at weddings and receptions?

I think they’re a waste of time and effort, and a bit controlling. A wedding isn’t a kindergarten class – shouldn’t the guests be allowed to chose who they sit with and talk to? How is it fair to pair people together who don’t know each other and expect them to make small talk?

Your opinion? The point of a reception is to celebrate our wedding – not “mingle” and pick up new business partners or personal dates.

I plan on having one table saved for immediate family (his and my parents, siblings, and wedding party) and then open seating for everyone else. I could care less if my guests sit at a table and his at another. It’s their choice sit where they want. I didn’t say people who used them are four. I said that the room shouldn’t be set up like a kindergarten classroom.

By Sharon · Asked 275 days 22 hours 18 mins ago

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